We understand there is "no one-size fits all" approach to treatment. Your individualized treatment plan is balanced to enhance your personal recovery.

Day Treatment

For those clients who don’t need the level of care that hospitalization delivers, Alaska Wisdom recovery Day Treatment program is available five day per week, and includes
• Assessment and diagnostic services
• Comprehensive psycho-educational curriculum
• In-house 12-Step meetings
• Daily meals & nutritional guidance
• Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Skills
• Special issues groups
• Individual therapy
• Family Program
• Family Therapy Sessions
• Recreational/Movement therapy to include low intensity breathing and stretching
• Community milieu groups and Alumni Sponsored Bridging-the-Gap meetings
• Drug screening as deemed clinically necessary.
• Medication monitoring in coordination with community medical partners
• Availability of psychiatric on-call services
• Coordination of medical referrals when medically, or clinically indicated

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A private, comfortable outpatient setting, where we help patients develop recovery skills with minimal disruption to their daily lives. Alaska Wisdom Recovery understands how addiction affects every part of who we are - physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Holistic Care means that we recognize that alcohol and drug use affects all aspects of our lives and that we employ a comprehensive approach to treatment.

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Intensive outpatient

A concentrated, focused program of comprehensive, coordinated, and defined services that include:
• at least nine direct contact hours per week
• group therapy and education
• individual therapy
• family education
• community support.
We can function as a step-down program from day treatment, partial hospitalization, detoxification, or residential services and may be used to prevent or minimize the need for more intensive and restrictive levels of treatment. Intensive outpatient is considered to be more intensive and integrated than traditional outpatient services. We offer both day and evening programs.

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Our Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS) is a 12 hour education class which satisfies all state requirements for this minimum level of education about alcohol and other substance use. We offer the classes on a convenient rotating basis in our Anchorage office. Classes are offered on a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday evening schedule to complete the course. View or download our current schedule here.

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Family programs

Marriage/Family Therapy, Couples Counseling, Children & Youth Support

it's been said that, “No man is an island.” We all came from somewhere, whether a traditional or blended family, whether partnered, married or divorced; we all belong to a system of some kind. Even our workplace involves us in a system that includes many types of relationships.

Addiction affects families. Alaska Wisdom Recovery understands how addiction affects every part of who we are—physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Spouses and other family members often experience similar deterioration as they attempt to adjust to the behaviors that accompany the ongoing addiction of their loved one.

We educate the family on the effects that alcohol and other drugs have on the whole person…and on the whole system. Our Family Education Groups cover the following topics:
• Effects of Addiction on the Brain
• Models of Addiction and Recovery
• Challenging Mistaken Beliefs to Prevent Relapse
• Building Bridges to Better Communication
• Gender Communication — Different but Equal
• Spirituality for Recovering Families

We incorporate private Marriage and Family Therapy as a primary part of our treatment program because we understand the damage that addiction can have on trust and intimacy.
At Alaska Wisdom Recovery, we compassionately and respectfully assist the children of addictive family systems with age-appropriate activities. We offer pre-teen and youth groups with a particular emphasis on expressing feelings and empowering the teen to make positive choices, impacting their own future in positive ways.
We offer a way out. It may not be easy, but there is a path to step out of the reactive mode; a way to rebuild trust, personal responsibility and a deepening awareness of personal strengths and the capacity to experience a joyful life. We believe that every family deserves Recovery!

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Continuing Care

We provide counseling for clients appropriate for Stage II™ Recovery.
Earnie Larsen, nationally known author, lecturer and pioneer in the field of recovery from addictive behaviors says it best:
“Stage I is about arresting the addiction. Stage II™ Recovery is about understanding the triggers and imprinting that left clients vulnerable in the face of substitutes. Whether the process of trying those substitutes is called codependency, shame-based living, adult child syndrome or any other label, Stage II™ Recovery answers are seldom found in Stage I recovery groups, but there can be no Stage II if Stage I has not been won. Recovery does not end with sobriety.” – Earnie Larsen

Women’s Spirit of Recovery Group is a gracious space that supports the unique challenges facing women in recovery. Together, women have the opportunity to form bonds of trust and courage, respect and hope and learn from each other while making powerful discoveries about their emotional, physical and spiritual identities. At Wisdom Traditions Counseling, we honor the sacred role of women and promote a continuous experience of strengthening our recovery tools through the exploration of:
• Engaging the gift of intuitive and emotional sensitivity
• Cultivating self-care and balance
• Establishing a healthy social/sober support network
• Healing the wounds in our personal relationships
• Developing effective communication skills
• Firing up our creative feminine energies
• Reclaiming joy, pleasure, playfulness and purpose in our lives

Men’s Circle of Recovery Group is a strengthening group that provides ongoing exploration of the opportunities for each man to become a positive force in their families and communities. Group members report the Men’s Circle contributes to their psychological, emotional and spiritual health by assisting them in finding the lost, tired or forgotten parts of themselves. Joining the Men’s Circle of Recovery gives men an ability to re-establish a sense of community allowing them to create a living definition of recovery that includes camaraderie and fun. Through enhancing the strength, focus and clarity of future goals and solutions, members have found:
• Unlimited potential for productivity
• Increased capacity for care and compassion
• Inherent strength and honor

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy focuses on providing relief from worry, fear or hopelessness, shame, depression or guilt by utilizing an integration of Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavorial Therapy (CBT).
Mindfulness-Based CBT provides the tools needed to filter out the noise of life, to become able to step aside from troubling emotions. Mindfulness develops the ability to become calmer, more focused, more aware in the ways that are important to each person. Building this skill creates more solid ground for making the changes in thinking that can impact experience. This is a comprehensive approach to overcoming challenges and making changes in feeling and thinking.

Individual Therapy Options
• Alateen and Al-Anon Process
• Adult Children of Alcoholics
• Compassion Fatigue
• Codependency and Interdependency
• Chronic Anxiety and PTSD

Stage III Recovery Groups
• Neuro-Linguistics (NLP) Courses
• Women Empowerment Groups
• Core Transformation Groups

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