Alaska Wisdom Recovery Programs...

...offer Alaska State certified substance abuse assessments and addiction treatment in a private, comfortable outpatient setting. Our interdisciplinary clinical staff has more than 50 years of collective experience in the field of Recovery. Our highly trained clinicians ensure that all services are consistently delivered in a warm, compassionate and professional manner.

We help our clients develop recovery skills with minimal disruption to their daily lives. We design our treatment programs to be flexible. They are coordinated with the client’s family needs and work schedules in mind.

Our individualized approach offers variable program lengths to address the personal needs for our clients. We offer both individual and group therapy. Those with addiction issues frequently struggle with co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, codependency or trauma. Using an interdisciplinary team approach, we address this by offering a variety of additional therapeutic services such as supportive family sessions, couples/marriage counseling, relapse prevention, communication coaching, gender specific groups and advanced psycho-educational classes that support successful long-term recovery from addiction. With so many treatment modalities to help uncover and heal underlying issues, our clients find new opportunities for self-discovery, healing relationships and developing a purpose driven life.

Three main things set Alaska Wisdom recovery apart from other Recovery Programs:
- Our focus is on Holistic, individualized care
- We feature an interdisciplinary team using an Integral Model of Recovery
- We support a strong Family Systems Paradigm

In cooperation with Wisdom Traditions Wellness Services, we are also able to team-treat a multitude of complicating physical factors ranging from acute physical injuries to ongoing chronic pain issues. This is often a crucial piece of an overall treatment plan for the person seeking addiction-free pain management.

With Licensed Acupuncturists and Physical Therapists as a part of our Integrative Team, we are able to provide the following ancillary and optional services:
- Acupuncture Detox (NADA) and Oriental Medicine Treatment Evaluations
- Physical Therapy
- Dietary Consults
- Movement and Art Therapies
- Meditation and Fitness Counseling.
- These services are available to all clients and their family members upon request.

“ We are committed to providing cutting edge information on neurochemistry, nutrition, cognitive development, physical recovery and emotional healing.”

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— We are Preferred Providers for BC/BS, First Choice, Beech Street, EBMS, ASEA and more...

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